Kamis, 08 Oktober 2015

gamarvani report

Gamarvani Experience 

At 7 o'clock the festival opened when bunch of students were doing a parade.We were walking trough taman lalu lintas, Jawa Street,until Bali Street.Students wore a traditional costume such as kebaya and pangsi. 

At 9 o'clock we saw the performance of Nyi Anteh.The stage were decorated very enrapture.It caught my attention when i first arrived at the festival .The setting of the drama were made as Sundanese folklore.

And then,there was an opening performances . There was an amazing performance from LSS3 (Lingkung Seni Sunda 3).They were performing Sundase traditional song.KPA3 (Keluarga Paduan Angklung 3) performed a fascinating angklung  performance.There were also collaborations performance between SMAN 3 Bandung's extracurricular communities and other extracurricular communities from other school.

Every corner of the venue was full of food stands and vendor.The food stands were selling modern food.Otherwise vendor were selling traditional food. 

The crowd got more loudier,as the guest star Adera came to the stage. Adera only a few of songs, like  Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off" in jazz version and  his own songs, he performed "Bahagia Bersamamu", "Terlambat", "Melewatkanmu", and his most popular song , "Lebih Indah". 

 The second guest star came late to the show.They came at 9am at night. However the sky was very dark,but the lightning stage brightened whole audience.They were singing "Indahnya Dirimu", as the main song followed by "Lihatlah Dunia", "Orang Ketiga", "Siapkah Kau Tuk Jatuh Cinta Lagi", "Curi-Curi", and their new song"Heartbeat". The crowd also sing the song when they performed on stage. The closing song was "Mata ke Hati". When the song was over, the audience begged them to sing more, so they sang one more song.That was Gamarvani's 2015 final performance.

Final performance by Hivi! 
Brief performance by T's'T

Entrapture performance from T's'T 
Here are some foodstand at the festival

Rabu, 07 Oktober 2015

        My name is Keisha. Im fifteen years old.My full name is Keisha Adifa.I do have my surename,but i dont use it.My surename is Siregar.I dont use it cause i forgot to write it when i registered to high school.My birthday is on 21st of July.I live in makmur street number 17.

I live in Bandung.My house is near to PVJ and Ciwalk.Its easy to hangout with my friends. Because i can walk on foot to go there.My house is near SMA 2 also,i was planning to go there.But,my mom suggest me to SMA 3.

I am now a student of SMA 3 Bandung.SMA 3 is not far from my house.Its is about 2.4 kilometres from my house.My parents always picked me up to school every morning.I dont have any siblings,so they only have to pick up me.Actually,its so sad to be the only child in my family.Im feeling so lonely.So,i make many friend as i can that i dont feel lonely anymore.

My favorite subject at school is Biology.I hope someday i will be a doctor.I hate History and Bahasa,because both of them have many task to do. 

I like being in my school.My friends are very nice to me.I have a new friend,she is my chairmate.I met her at my first day at class.Her name is Elita.She likes listening to music.My other friend is Reyna.I met her at second day at MOS ,she is from Jakarta.She lived in Cibubur.Shes good at drawing.Her drawings are magnificent.

Two weeks at school and i met my new friends,her name is Maisie.She is from Cilegon.She and i join Qurban and Gamarvani commite.I also have a new friend.Her name is Annisa Rahim.She can play bass,guitar,and piano. I thinks she is so talented.

And me,i dont have any spesific talent so far.But I can play piano and guitar.Im not good at drawing.And what i do most of the time is reading novel and doing homework.I have so many homework in a day,so that i can only hangout with friends at the weekend.